String Art on canvas board

Just finished the state string art project I've seen all over. Thanks sharing your project Morya! Here is a tutorial for this project. 

I used:
- roughly 120 silver thumb tacks
- a nail and hammer
- hot glue + gun
- 400 yards of thread
- 16"x 16" re-painted canvas board
- pattern traced from internet image

Since the canvas board is fairly thick, I had to punch through it with a nail before I could get the thumb tack to go in securely. 

Here is the finished outline.... 
This is where I became dissatisfied with the project and cut it all apart to restart. When I restarted the thumb tacks started coming out so I started hot gluing from the backside.

Just about done here. After I finished wrapping the thread, I hot glued all the sharp points sticking out from the back. Now I think I'll add felt loops to hand it.