Baby Showers

When I found out a friend was expecting, I immediately began thinking of what I wanted to create for her baby shower. I scoured the internet looking for inspiration for diaper sculptures and I found it! I loved the awesome diaper tub here.

Instead of purchasing a tub an covering it with diapers, I used a blanket to act as the container. I will say it didn't quite read diaper tub immediately at the shower; I did have to explain it to a few people. The "faucet" I tried to create really threw them off instead of helping illustrate the concept. 

All together the gift included: 
-Greeting card (made from old magazines, glue, and cereal box).
-108 diapers
-3 bath squirt toys
-Cookie Monster loufa
-Receiving blanket
-Handmade tie bib 
I started by cutting ovals out of the diaper box to use as the foundation.

  Now you just have to start a movie, get some rubber bands, and go to town rolling them up. 

Some are rolled straight front to back and some are rolled at an angle so they are taller than others.  Once I got a few competed, I tied the sides of the receiving blanket to act as the tub and kept on trucking.

 I wanted to go all out, so I got the big pack of diapers but you can use as many or as little as you'd like. 

After getting all 108 diapers rolled and secured, I took some packaging material to make it appear wet. What do you think?!


Reuse an old tie by making an adorable bib!!!!

I wanted to also make a small gift to go along with the diapers. One side of the bib is terry cloth the other is nylon. 

I up-cycled the tie by using the small end.  Of course didn't measure or pin when I was sewing it.... it turned out slightly lopsided and sloppy looking;  it's the thought that counts right?! 

To keep with the reduce, reuse, recycle theme, I wrapped the bib in a piece of brown felt and tied the card to it with a piece of string.