DIY Plush Dog Toys

I had some faux fur laying around so I cut it into small squares, added elastic arm and felt eyes for the dogs to chew on and sewed it up with a squeaker to create a dog toy. Soon I'll have Christmas present for every pet owner I know. 

Next time I'm going to try stuffing it with ugly fabric scraps I don't want to utilize.... Anyone tried it before? 

Sew Plush Balls From Scrap Fur

I'm growing a collection of plush balls to give to others for Christmas presents... These were all created from scrap fur pieces I saved from the trash bin. 

..... a few photos of the first batch.

Happy 1st birthday to Blake! 
He is having a barn party so I made them special for the birthday cowboy. 

Mickey Mouse Invites

I've been working on a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. Lots of design ideas were up for consideration from Pinterest but this is the end result. 

If anyone wants to commission me to make their invites, I'm open to give it a try.

Can't wait for party time!

I designed the file based off some cute ones we found online and it is being printed on a 4x6 glossy 15pt postcards. If time wasn't an issue, it would have been cheaper than $22, but still, $22 for 25 invites + envelopes was worth my time. Right?! 

Cotton Shorts/ Jam Cruise Shorts

The shorts below were made out of some Alexander Henry "Midnight Snack" fabric I found in the scrap bin. There is a small white line which deemed it unusable for production. If you really like the material, it is still available at (junk food). Anywho it's a super simple pattern.

I think they turned out nicely and I'm pretty sure I will be making more of these. Thanks Purlbee!!!

Yep I'm on a roll with this pattern. I made these custom printed shorts for friends and I to enjoy on the boat. I used freezer paper for the stencil. The fabric is a kind of thin poly cotton broadcloth. 

Here's to hoping that they last until the big schabang in January!!!

Sweatshirt Skirt

I used simplicity 5353 pattern and it only took about an hour.