Bachelorette Party Wearables

Hey America, stop spending money on chintzy products from China to make bachelorette parties a good time. 

It seems today the importance of these cheap props lies in being a noticeable group. Instead of purchasing t-shirts, plastic junk, or tank tops, I suggested making fabric accessories. I have an immense amount of broadcloth scraps at my disposal so the total cost was my time and $11.29 (for the elastic, metal clips, and metal broach pins from the craft store). The colors of the wedding are grey and yellow so it was easy to just go with that.

Here are a few tutorials I referenced while making these:
simple fabric flower tutorial
DIY Braided Felt Cuff tutorial
Fabric flower earings  <didn't have posts in the house :(
pom pom necklace tutorial
Fabric Flower Earing Tutorial 2

Reverse applique sweatshirt blanket....

Yesterday I put my scraps to good use by making this reverse applique sweatshirt blanket. 

Check out what I made on Sunday....

I dyed some of the fabric myself and used fabric scraps for the rest of the front.  Shiva Sticks rock!

Recycled T-Shirt Shag Rug

I made this almost a year ago... Started a new one today and thought maybe I could inspire someone else to reuse old t-shirts or jersey to make something awesome! 

I'm using a latch hook canvas for the new one but I'm regretting not just sewing it. Sewing is much faster. Just sketch out your design and stitch many 1"x 4" strips in rows. Starting on the inside and working your way out is best so it doesn't get too bulky.

Bargello Quilt Design

I just can't decide!