The Easy Long & Lightweight Cardigan!

I wear a lot of cardigans.  I decided it was time to start making a few myself. McCall's pattern 6996 was super easy to make and for one of my first times sewing a knit garment, I think it turned out excellent. 

I did an awful job sewing the back so I just braided a few scraps and sewed it on. After realizing that it didn't cover the biggest flaw on the back, I was forced to seam rip and re-stitch. 

It was worth the effort.

Birgitta Hahn Round Piped Pillow W/Gathered Top

An amazing friend of mine gifted me this fabric and I could tell she didn't quite want to part with it. I decided to make her a little something out of it as a thank you and so she could still enjoy it.   

The free pattern was super easy and I love the way it turned out.

Dancing Bear Stuffed Animal

I'm proud of my first attempt at a plush dancing bear from scrap neon fur!

DIY Slippers

In 2011 Sew News magazine shared a free pattern and instructions. I finally got around to making them!! 

 Sew News Cozy Toes

Here is a link to the PDF pattern. The instructions that I used are here. 

Moe. Pillow

:) Stippling this design took a little bit of time but I think it was worth it. 

I'm loving the way it turned out.