R2D2 Wall Hanging

Here is a creation I made from www.fandomstitches.com. I love their free patterns. 

Bassnectar Dreamcatcher is Complete

Bassnectar Dreamcatcher

An awesome friend of mine won the "golden ticket" to the "festival" at Dicks last month and got to meet Lorin in person before the show recently. Instead of selling the ticket he purchased when he received the golden ticket, he gave it to me. This was one of the items I created to thank him and his pretty lady for providing me with the lovely experience.  I hope they enjoy this, even if it becomes an ornate cat toy.... 

There are many tutorials you can follow on Pinterest; it was much easier than I thought it was going to be.  You should really try making one for yourself or someone you think is doing awesome things..... 

Creating my first dreamcatcher has been a success. I will always remember this because I found the stick I used to make the hoop during my first Colorado camping trip.  Sitting by the fire, keeping warm in the hammock, and frolicking in the woods, I spent some time with a pint sized dog that would be put down 3 days after this adventure.  

It's funny how a few short moments with certain souls can impact your life more than others who you've spent hours and hours with....  That little Chihuahua, Tink, took a chunk of my heart  with her and I'm grateful to have connected before she passed. 

Backpack - Pellon Free Backpack Pattern

I'm so proud!

This backpack was made using this FREE PATTERN from Pellon with some alterations:
  • First thing I noticed that didn't sit well with me was the depth of the bag. I wanted it to be a little smaller.
    • Making a flap for the zipper made the top more narrow
    • I took in the sides of the bottom piece to match up with the short side of the top zippered section.  
  • Adding another pocket to the side, I felt, added a nice detail. 
  • I also added an inside more secure pocket to the lining. 
  • Not having the "fusible fleece" on hand I just used interfacing for all pieces and grabbed a piece of fleece to sandwich between the layers for the straps. 

I was pretty worried that the print would be too large to look good on a backpack but went for it anyway and I'm glad I did. 

This is a Nate Berkus fabric from Joann's. Typically I would try to re-use fabric; however, I didn't have anything thick enough for this project.