Rosie the Robot Costume- Jetsons

Seriously one of my favorite costumes that I've made..... So good. 

Mouse Wall Hanging - Paper Patter Pieced

Here is a creation I made from a free pattern I downloaded Here:
Finished product:
Made from an unwanted fitted sheet (actually just the scraps remainging from my circle skirt/dress) + 2 x 2" scrap of white canvas for eyes and nose + unwanted, stained, dress pants. + 10% of a skein of grey embroidery floss + 25% of a skein of black embroidery floss.
Process shot:
I know this one will be cherished. Momma collects mice and loves it when her daughter makes things with her in mind. 

Bonus dog pic.....

MOE Tie Dye Pillow

Making another MOE pillow:

Final Product: