Fishman Dress for Baby!

Proud to show off my latest gift for a big Phish fan who has an adorable little one. 

Made from the Snappy Toddler Top Free Pattern... Thanks Pretty Prudent!

The first attempt was done without using the markings on the pattern and you can see how it may not fit properly.... The second one should fit perfectly!  


The Easy Long & Lightweight Cardigan!

I wear a lot of cardigans.  I decided it was time to start making a few myself. McCall's pattern 6996 was super easy to make and for one of my first times sewing a knit garment, I think it turned out excellent. 

I did an awful job sewing the back so I just braided a few scraps and sewed it on. After realizing that it didn't cover the biggest flaw on the back, I was forced to seam rip and re-stitch. 

It was worth the effort.

Birgitta Hahn Round Piped Pillow W/Gathered Top

An amazing friend of mine gifted me this fabric and I could tell she didn't quite want to part with it. I decided to make her a little something out of it as a thank you and so she could still enjoy it.   

The free pattern from was super easy and I love the way it turned out.

Dancing Bear Stuffed Animal

I'm proud of my first attempt at a plush dancing bear from scrap neon fur!

DIY Slippers

In 2011 Sew News magazine shared a free pattern and instructions. I finally got around to making them!! 

 Sew News Cozy Toes

Here is a link to the PDF pattern. The instructions that I used are here.