Sweatshirt Skirt

I used simplicity 5353 pattern and it only took about an hour. 

Fancy Folded Stars

"I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use." -- Mother Teresa

 This is the first one I actually measured but I think it looks just as good as the others. Inspired by Not Only Quilts.... Made for my grandparents.


Here is the second one that I created for a friend.


This one was for my Aunt Dee! I love the subtle color changes and lack of print.


For this one.... I just had the purple printed fabric laying around. I wanted to use it up so I matched it with an old dress shirt that had a small stain in a very noticeable spot. 


DIY Wedding Gift: Matching Printed Sweatshirts + Quilted Pillow

Feeling good about the latest DIY gift!!!!

I stumbled upon this Pacman + Ghost free pattern download by Aki and loved it..... 

After making a fabric banner and yellow accessories for the bachelorette party, there was a little extra material to make the pillow below. The bride-to-be had a quilt made in these same colors to act as the guestbook so I am crossing my fingers they look good together!!!!

My try at making a felt robot

After seeing this....   I had to try to make my version of the felt robot. 

Bachelorette Party Wearables

Hey America, stop spending money on chintzy products from China to make bachelorette parties a good time. 

It seems today the importance of these cheap props lies in being a noticeable group. Instead of purchasing t-shirts, plastic junk, or tank tops, I suggested making fabric accessories. I have an immense amount of broadcloth scraps at my disposal so the total cost was my time and $11.29 (for the elastic, metal clips, and metal broach pins from the craft store). The colors of the wedding are grey and yellow so it was easy to just go with that.

Here are a few tutorials I referenced while making these:
simple fabric flower tutorial
DIY Braided Felt Cuff tutorial
Fabric flower earings  <didn't have posts in the house :(
pom pom necklace tutorial
Fabric Flower Earing Tutorial 2