DIY Slippers

In 2011 Sew News magazine shared a free pattern and instructions. I finally got around to making them!! 

 Sew News Cozy Toes

Here is a link to the PDF pattern. The instructions that I used are here. 

Moe. Pillow

:) Stippling this design took a little bit of time but I think it was worth it. 

I'm loving the way it turned out. 

STS9 Nalgene Coozy

Made out of coated canvas, faux fur, and felt..... 

Each felt letter is about an inch and a half tall. This could be done in many types of fabrics or sizes and logos. Also, I could easily put velcro on it making it slightly adjustable. 

DIY Plush Dog Toys

I had some faux fur laying around so I cut it into small squares, added elastic arm and felt eyes for the dogs to chew on and sewed it up with a squeaker to create a dog toy. Soon I'll have Christmas present for every pet owner I know. 

Next time I'm going to try stuffing it with ugly fabric scraps I don't want to utilize.... Anyone tried it before?