Backpack - Pellon Free Backpack Pattern

I'm so proud!

This backpack was made using this FREE PATTERN from Pellon with some alterations:
  • First thing I noticed that didn't sit well with me was the depth of the bag. I wanted it to be a little smaller.
    • Making a flap for the zipper made the top more narrow
    • I took in the sides of the bottom piece to match up with the short side of the top zippered section.  
  • Adding another pocket to the side, I felt, added a nice detail. 
  • I also added an inside more secure pocket to the lining. 
  • Not having the "fusible fleece" on hand I just used interfacing for all pieces and grabbed a piece of fleece to sandwich between the layers for the straps. 

I was pretty worried that the print would be too large to look good on a backpack but went for it anyway and I'm glad I did. 

This is a Nate Berkus fabric from Joann's. Typically I would try to re-use fabric; however, I didn't have anything thick enough for this project.