Eyelash Pillowcases

I was inspired by the pillowcases below and I thought they would be a great addition to my life; however, I cannot justify hiking to the store and spending $34 on pillowcases. So like many of my fellow D.I.Y. junkies.... I went and I made my own...... here is how I did it.

My Design and Materials..... 

  • pillowcases (handmade..... they are easy peasy to make!)
  • freezer paper
  • permanent marker
  • x-acto knife 
  • iron
  • some kind of fabric paint

-I started by making the pillowcases from comfy white knit jersey fabric (t-shirt material). I knew wanted the image to be less cartoon-like and a little more on the feminine side. 

-I found some images online of closed eyes and drew a large stencil on freezer paper. Eyelashes come in many shapes so it doesn't really matter if you draw your own or trace an image, as long as it looks right to you. The important part is to draw on the paper side and make sure the slick waxy side is facing the material when you iron it down. 

- I used the first stencil to make the reverse for my second pillow. (being very careful not to mess the first one up)

-After cutting out both designs with an xacto knife, I just ironed the waxy side of the freezer paper to the pillowcases. 

Time to stencil..... 
- Using Shiva Sticks: Shiva Sticks are like giant crayons of pigment that you let cure for 24hrs and then heat set with an iron. Although a set is expensive, they are non-toxic, last many many projects, and easy to clean up so anyone can use them. I used them primarily so I didn't have to worry about a mess and paint bleeding through the layers. 

(The knit jersey material was difficult to stencil with the Shiva Sticks, next time I'll A) just use acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium or something or B) make the pillowcases out of broadcloth.) 

 I wanted to add a little blue to match my navy sheets but perhaps that was a bad idea..... The pigment was difficult to get in the nooks of the knit material so it came out blotchy but I like it. Broadcloth would be easier to stencil.....

 ... and here is the set!
I love how they turned out...... I might add an open eye on the other side so I can make my bed wink..... haha.... 

Thanks for checking my blog out!