Fancy Folded Star

Sooo... Sallie Mae has been knocking on my door.... saying I gotta pay the lady. I'm going to be giving more handmade items this year!

Some sewing room scraps have transformed (thanks to the tutorial by Maria Wallin )!!!!!

It's quickly becoming my favorite project! It's exciting to see your color combo come together towards the end. 

Now I just have to decide what it should be.... pillow, pot holder, or art quilt.......

Inspired by Jennifer Rodriguez's Eggcellent Series #3 - Are You Good Egg or a Bad Egg Pillows....  I've decided to give the whole DIY chenille fabric technique a shot. 

Looking at the folded star piece I already created, I thought it resembled an iris so why not take it to the next level. Here is the drawing that I started with.
I stitched three layers of fabric to my main panel in the shape of an oval. I never make patterns so of course I stitched it in too far to the center and had to rip it out and cut away part of the white. 

Then I started messing around with how to finish it off. I cut around the outer shape of the eye and twisted the denim to create the look below.

 I managed to only cut the backing broadcloth twice. 

I didn't like the zebra print though so I got rid of all excess and took navy bias tape to around the outer edge to finish the eye off. Here is a shot of what the wrong side of the front looked like. 

Inspired by the tutorial from Kristen at Sew Yummy, I started making the back panel.  In hindsight,I should have just left it plain since the font is so intricate. But oh well....   

Also,I dislike measuring and marking and the finished pillow certainly highlights my lack of attention to detail. Overall it turned out nice. 

The pleats would have looked better if I used a pillow form instead of stuffing.